Cote d'Ivoire

     Introduction Cote d'Ivoire
                             Background: Close ties to France since
                                         independence in 1960, the
                                         development of cocoa production for
                                         export, and foreign investment made
                                         Cote d'Ivoire one of the most
                                         prosperous of the tropical African
                                         states. Falling cocoa prices and
                                         political turmoil, however, sparked
                                         an economic downturn in 1999 and
                                         2000. On 25 December 1999, a
                                         military coup - the first ever in
                                         Cote d'Ivoire's history - overthrew
                                         the government led by President
                                         Henri Konan BEDIE. Presidential and
                                         legislative elections held in
                                         October and December 2000 provoked
                                         violence due to the exclusion of
                                         opposition leader Alassane
                                         OUATTARA. In October 2000, Laurent
                                         GBAGBO replaced junta leader Robert
                                         GUEI as president, ending 10 months
                                         of military rule. In October 2001,
                                         President GBAGBO initiated a two-
                                         month-long National Reconciliation
                                         Forum, but its ability to
                                         conciliate Ivorians with one
                                         another remains unclear.

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